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Saturday, 27 October 2012

MP Sri Ranga on the independence of the judiciary


Speaking during the adjournment debate in Parliament recently, General Secretary of the Citizens' Front, MP J.Sri Ranga drew attention to the challenges facing the independence of the judiciary.
''During the parliamentary elections, an individual was murdered in Jaffna after a payment was demanded. Then the judge in the area was transferred. Such incidents are common in the North and the East. How did this issue concerning the judiciary begin? If we discuss about the incident in Mannar
in this house, where stones were hurled at the Magistrate, it is wrong. Then, do you expect stones to be hurled at all the courts? All the MPs should tell the people to hurl stones. There is a law in this country''.
The MP also called for an extensive investigation into the murder of P. Razik, who worked for a Non Governmental Organization in Puttalam.
''If Minister Rauff Hakeem is to stand up and answer my question or say that what I am saying is not true, then I am prepared to stop my speech. A well-known NGO was functioning in Puttalam. One of its employees, P. Razik was abducted and murdered. It has been eight months since then, and yet no suspects have been arrested. However, Rauff Hakeem was informed about the suspects. Today he is the Minister of Justice. I request the Minister to make a statement whether any suspects were arrested, since eight months have lapsed.''

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Our 5-Fold Development Model comprising key development elements for achieving excellence

The development model suitable for taking our community forward towards the achievement of 'excellence' in the key areas such as education, employment, sports & health, housing and infrastructure development, and sustaining the long-term prosperity is being developed and practiced.
We plan to show our progress against the model. We are micro-managing all constituent elements by breaking them further, so as to create an understanding of the underpinning thinking, and make the model work.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

J. Sri Ranga lays foundation stone for cultural centre

General Secretary of the Citizens’ Front Parliamentarian J. Sri Ranga laid the foundation stone for a cultural centre in the Lindula area in Talawakele on Thursday.
Parliamentarian J. Sri Ranga who also toured the Akkareikandawatte in Lindula Thalawakele also engaged in religious observances.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Nuwara Eliya district at the top of country’s poverty line, says J. Sri Ranga

General Secretary of the Citizens’ Front Parliamentarian J. Sri Ranga says that it is the Nuwara Eliya district that is at the top of the country’s poverty line.

The parliamentarian made this observation while addressing a function in the Walapane area recently.

This function was held at the Konigar Pillayar Tamil School in Ragala in the Walapane Education Zone.

Books were donated to children in the area under the programme "priority to education".

General Secretary of the Citizens’ Front Parliamentarian J. Sri Ranga expressed these views:

’’Nothing has been done by those who represented the Parliament from this area. They only talk about how to prevent what is being done by others. They even stopped the university that was to be built here. If one says they need it, then the other says they don’t. This has continued for over 60 years and the people are still in the same place. We need to take this society forward and develop them. I don’t understand why these people don’t think about developing the people in our society. It is the Nuwara Eliya district that is on the top of the country’s poverty line. The Hambantota district that was above Nuwara Eliya is more developed than Colombo at present.’’

Friday, 28 September 2012

Major Split in Tamil National Alliance (TNA) observed in the Island

The alliance was formed in October 2001, just before the 2001 parliamentary election, and consisted of:

The TULF and ACTC have since left the TNA. Some members of the TULF who wanted to remain in the TNA have resurrected the Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK) which is now a constituent party of the TNA. All constituent parties of TNA except ITAK are former Tamil militant groups.

Now Mr. Suresh Premachandran (EPRLF) Jaffna MP has heavily criticised Mr R. Sampanthan MP who is the national leader of TNA for not working for the benefit of the party, but to promote his own party (ITAK).  Mr Sampanthan has told the press conference held on 22 September 2012 in Vavuniya that Tamil people have not given their mandate to abolish the TNA. So Mr Suresh MP is asking Mr Sampanthan to tell who is trying to abolish the TNA and to make it clear to everybody. According to Mr Suresh, it is ITAK and its leaders are the ones doing this. Mr Suresh said Mr Sampanthan has not taken any initiative to register TNA so far, it is a well known fact in the world. Further he questioned, other than the name TNA, does it have legal status, does it have a secretary, cashier or any constituent party members board to take high level decisions, any mechanism exists to exchange opinions, any finance for the party? Nothing, he said. TNA is operating since 2001 without any organisation of these aspects which frustrates him.

According to him, there is an urgent need for TNA to organise and develop filling the existing gaps created by the demise of LTTE in 2009, but the ITAK was not interested in registering TNA as a party and they have made it clear, despite requests from local and expatriate Tamils. During the existence of LTTE with military power, Tamils had bargaining power so TNA said the Sri Lankan Government should negotiate with the LTTE. But after 2009, the only power Tamils got is the unity amongst themselves, which is going down dramatically due to the actions of ITAK.

When somebody asked about this situation at the Vavuniya press conference, Mr Sampanthan answered saying some people are trying to abolish TNA which has created a very bad impression about the others in the party in the international stage, Mr Suresh continued. There is no proper constitution, no sign, no flag etc for TNA.

It seems that the confrontation has occurred between the two due to allocation of party candidates in the recently held election in the East where ITAK leaders have allocated more members (e.g, 10 out of 13 in Trinco and 9 out of 14 in Batti) to their party.

Mr Suresh also criticised Mr Mavai Senathiraja for putting his weight behind Mr Sampanthan to reject the idea of having a board with nominees from all parties to select candidates to contest in the elections.  Mr Suresh also highlighted Mr Sampanthan’s failure to go to Geneva to protest against the Government after telling the press about this intension and also holding the Sri Lanka’s Lion flag at a joint UNP-TNA rally held in Jaffna recently and trying to tell stories to cover his blunders. Suresh also said the meetings that Mr Sampanthan has with President Rajapaksa, who is under enormous international pressure, are of personal nature rather than a party-to-party meeting.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

'Minnal' programme on 23 September 2012 with Sri Ranga MP

Sri Ranga MP hosts a healthy political discussion with Justice Minister Mr Rauf Hakeem who is the National leader of Muslim Congress and Mr K. Velayutham of UNP in the popular 'Minnal’ programme of Shakthi TV on 23 September 2012
The Minister Rauf Hakeem is with the UPFA government where Muslim Congress is a constituent party.  As we all are aware, the Muslim congress (MC) became the king maker of governing the Provincial Council (PC) of the Eastern provincial Council (EPC) of Sri Lanka comprising three main administrative districts of Batticaloa, Trincomalee and Ampara. Muslim Congress successfully secured 132,917 votes (and 7 seats) after contesting independently and finally, joined with the UPFA Government to govern the EPC despite Tamil National Alliance’s (TNA) offer to let MC to govern with the promise of appointing a nominee of the MC to become the Chief Minister (CM). UPFA secured 200,044 votes (and 14 seats) and TNA secured 193,827 votes (and 11 seats) in the EPC election held on 8 September 2012.

Mr K. Velautham is a former Member of Parliament from UNP and current Deputy Chairman of the United National Party. This Minnal discussion was held in the background of recently held Eastern Provincial election and emergence of numerous news paper reports following MC’s alliance with UPFA with several questions, assumptions, mistrust, heated expressions, and pool of different perspectives.

After a series of discussions on different subjects during the Minnal programme, it seems that the decision of the MC to contest independently and finally joining the UPFA was a tactical one for the betterment of its community and the leadership seems keen to join hands with TNA to develop the EP.  Min. Rauf Hakeem seems to be optimistic about the working with all stakeholders, especially  TNA and UPFA in the EPC while putting his weights behind the ‘deals’ made with the UPFA (though he does not want to make them public right now!). He says the deal is aimed at development of the Muslim Community, and not to achieve self gains. The leadership seems confident and fully aware of the political realities, shows patience, maintains bargaining power, offers ‘olive leaves’ to all while not afraid to express his own opinions (but of course, very politely!) – all hallmarks of a successful and matured politician!.

While MC’s achievement of the objectives waiting to be seen in the future, the Minister is optimistic about the results of his decisions, and his calculations behind his critical decision and giving support to UPFA may not go wrong!. The Minister also indicated it was him who requested to meet TNA, but due to another urgent request from UPFA the meeting had to be re-scheduled (not cancelled!) after discussing with his party men for which he apologised to TNA. MC also met TNA within the next 48 hours. He requested the Tamil press to understand this, and hear out and publish both sides of the stories as MC have no special media to convey their messages. He emphasised that his party do politics in an honest way, with an open mind and he has nothing to hide.

These are the key issues/questions appeared in the press and extracts of the discussions focused on finding response from MC to hear their side of the storeys in respect of these issues and of course to put challenging views from outside callers as well as Mr Velayutham.

Key Issues / questions

Ø  Why MC rejected TNA’s offer to govern the EP? Why a most publicised key meeting between MC & TNA was cancelled at the final minute?

Ø  Why the wider opinion was created before the election about Minister Raul Hakem resigning from the Justice Minister post?  Was it stage managed by the leader and a member of MC in order to obtain sympathy votes?

Ø  Why did Minister Raul Hakeen at recently held EPC election rallies expressed against the government and after winning the elections MC did a ‘U’ turn?

Ø  The result of the election is an endorsement of the voters that MC should contest independently, and then why party went against the wishes of its constituents?

Ø  Why did MC join the Government despite some extremists representing Sinhalese community even tried to demolish a mosque in Dambulla?

Ø  Why did a political party like MC representing a minority community decide to support Government in the alleged current situation where it is alleged that the legal rights provisioned in PC can not be exercised by the governing minority party due to influence and obstacles placed by the Government (e.g., exercise of Land & Police Powers provisioned in the 13th Amendments of the Constitution)?

Ø  The question of pardon for and release of Tamil prisoners still languishing in prisons after end of war with Tamil Tigers in May 2009 and what are initiatives taken by the Justice Ministry to that effect?

Ø  Willingness of MC joining hands with TNA to govern the Eastern Province in the future?

Ø    Is it true that President Mahinda Rajapaksa ask Minister Rauf Hakeem to form alliance with TNA to govern EPC as speculated by Mr R Sampanthan?

Check out the following links for videos with answers and healthy discussions:

PART 10 – a must watch video! and really it was a good conclusion with ‘future of minorities and their parties’ in their mind!

For archive of ‘Minnal’ programme and various discussions please visit:

Sunday, 2 September 2012

MP J. Sri Ranga on ’Ranga’s politics’ and the road to success

Reconstruction work on the main road between Blackpool Estate and Magasthota in Nuwara Eliya, commenced recently.

The reconstruction of this road commenced with financial aid being provided by MP J. Sri Ranga MP.

MP J. Sri Ranga who arrived in Magasthota was extended a warm welcome by the people of the area.

MP J. Sri Ranga also participated in a special Pooja at the Hindu temple in the area.

He shared these thoughts in this event.

’I do not think it is right to set aside a time to serve the people. It could be during the day or during the night. If we can carry out propaganda activities during the night at election time then why cant we fix rundown roads at night? Why should we contest elections? When I came here sometime back I was not allowed to go to the lower areas, due to bad road conditions. But the carpeted road that I am building here will extend to the lower area as well. You can see in some other districts roads being constructed during the election time. There is an election coming soon in Sabaragamuwa, Batticaloa, and Kalmunai, but where does Ranga build a road? That is the difference between others' and Ranga’s politics.’