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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Addiction to alcohol is the biggest obstacle to the development of the Nuwara Eliya district

MP Sri Ranga mentioned this at the development committee meeting chaired by the Hon. Minister Basil Rajapaksa. The people spend lots of money on alcohol, which they could spend on their development activities, such as housing. He requested the Government officers to pay attention to control and eliminate the addiction, which the latter has accepted and instructed the senior officers to take immediate actions.

MP Sri Ranga has won the election through the reputation he gained amongst Tamil speaking people from hosting theMinnalprogramme on the Shakthi television and his social services, unlike some other politicians who buy votes.

The Minnal programme that he hosted for the last eight years, has been a real eye opener for the people of the district. In the programme, he promised to change the way of lives of the people in the district and currently he is effectively working towards that goal while being their voice in the parliament. He has taken various development initiatives in the district since becoming the Member of Parliament.

In order to increase the level of education in the district, MP Sri Ranga has started Primary schools in the district where proper educational foundations can be laid.

He has provided employment opportunities to the youth in various sectors depending on their education including the foreign employments.

He has recently taken Hon. Member of Parliament Namal Rajapaksa on a visit to the district to brief and show the houses including the living conditions and facilities available to the people. As a consequence, the latter has taken action to provide a state land for the use of the people while promising to provide more lands in the future in an attempt to address housing problems.

It is worth mentioning that the MP Sri Ranga previously hosted theMinnalprogramme not only as a mere television programme, but also he used it to the benefit of the people of the country and also to show them how some politicians are working on their personal agendas, and tried to change those politicians as well.

The decision to switch his party's support to the Government on certain subjects was taken after lengthy discussions and in consultation with the people of the electorate.

MP Sri Ranga as a young politician does not restrict himself to his electorate, but also works hard to solve problems in the North, East and Colombo areas as well.

Source : Thinakaran 05 Dec 2010

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