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Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Batticaloa district in the Eastern Part of Sri Lanka is hardest hit by the flood disaster

While EU, India, US and UN are helping people affected by the disaster, we appeal for the following Emergency relief items on a priority basis for those in the welfare centres:

·      Emergency dry foods, rice, flour and drinking water
·      Cooking pots, other kitchen ware, cooking oil, matches and the like
·      Water pumps, water purification tablets, water tanks, plastic buckets and the like
·      Sanitation items, soaps, towels and the like
·      Cloths (including winter clothes) of all sizes, especially the kids sizes
·      Emergency medicines and first aid packs
·      Sleeping mats, bed sheets, blankets, pillows and mosquito nets.

Disaster Management Ministry, Batticaloa Government agent, District Secretariat and Colombo based Sirasa Shakthi Sahana Yathra (Tel 0094115620013 or 0094115620014) can be contacted to channel your aids.

"A lot of work needs to be done after the water goes down, but first we have to assist people in welfare centres, to make sure they get adequate food, medicines and clean drinking water," UNICEF spokesman Mervyn Fletcher said.

A summary of international aids promised:

Ø The European Commission to release $2.7 million in emergency humanitarian aid
Ø UN agencies in Colombo said they would shortly issue an international appeal for funding. UN’s World Food Program (WFP) has distributed 145 MT of food in support of 170,000 people, reports said.
Ø Indian Government is already on the ground providing relief assistance and it is understood more on the way. On 14th Jan 11, an Indian air force aircraft brought in 34 tons of relief supplies to Colombo. They included food, medical supplies, clothing and sleeping gear.
Ø US government is donating nearly $300,000 in assistance to provide a variety of goods and services to the people hardest hit by the disaster, the US embassy in Colombo said.
This aid has already provided boats to local governments in Batticaloa to evacuate people in the hardest-hit areas.
Ø The UNICEF says it will purify two million litres of water and has already released relief items.

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