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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Developing the North & East with the earnings from the optimum utilisation of the available local resources

According to MP Sri Ranga, the economic development of any country mostly depends on the available resources in that country as well as the Government’s development initiatives to make use of these resources appropriately.

MP Sri Ranga told the parliament that the Government and its respective ministers should help develop the traditional and small industries operating in the North and Eastern provinces for the continuous development of the country. These provinces are gifted with various natural resources and therefore, need a detailed study to identify the existing resources and implement suitable development programmes supported by the Government in order to move forward.

The national economic development should be achieved by looking at developing each and every key sector or locational area carefully, especially the sectors with highest potential to earn foreign income or the areas with marketable resources.

He pointed out that the people of the North and East provinces were popular for helping those who migrated into the areas to build-up their lives by providing plenty of employment opportunities, but due to the war the North & East people were forced to depend on others (e.g NGOs) to look after them. It was a very sad situation.

It is clear that most of the developed countries achieved accelerated economic development with industrialisation. But the developing countries that mostly depend on agricultural industries are facing problems to achieve economic developments and it has to change.

Therefore, in order to achieve a good progress towards accelerated economic development objectives of the country after the end of war; the Government should provide incentives to the investors of the traditional and small industries in the North and East provinces while providing adequate protection to their investments.

The key industries that have higher potential for further development in the provinces are: tourism/recreational, agricultural, fisheries, livestock/poultry, garments, shipping/transportation etc. The availability of man-power in the areas also supports the development of these sectors.

It is well known fact that all these industries have been heavily affected by the war in the past 30 years and thus, a comprehensive well co-ordinated development programmes with action plans for each of the relevant ministries should be developed and implemented by the Government for the North and East provinces covering the above sectors in order to reap the maximum benefit of prevailing peaceful situation in this country.

There is no doubt that this will help enormously in our marching towards becoming a developed nation!.

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