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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Govt. To Promote New Tamil Leadership

Basil Rajapaksa and Jaya Sri Ranga

The government is now looking at promoting a new Tamil leadership in the North and East. The chosen candidate is former media man and UNP MP, Jaya Sri Ranga.
Addressing the public at an event organised in Mullaitivu last Sunday (14) for the opening of the A35 road and the commencement of renovation work on the A9 road, Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa said that the people in the North had to follow the politics of Tamil politicians carrying arms who are members of the government or the TNA.
However, he said that the government is now looking at introducing a new democratic political leader to the Tamils.
Rajapaksa went on to say that the government has brought forward Sri Ranga, who was elected to parliament from Nuwara Eliya, to the people in the North following a request by him to address the grievances of the Northern Tamil civilians.
Interestingly, when Rajapaksa made this comment, EPDP Leader and Minister Douglas Devananda was also present at the occasion.
Even during the opening ceremony, Rajapaksa made it a point to drag Sri Ranga by the hand to the front when walking on the newly opened road while Devananda also walked alongside.
Sri Ranga is also a director in Namal Rajapaksa’s Tharunyata Hetak Organisation.
Seeing Rajapaksa’s move, Namal, who was also present at the event said with a smile, “Everybody says that I keep promoting Ranga, it now seems that even uncle Basil is promoting him.”
The event at Mullaitivu was not the only place where Devananda felt side lined.
The following day, Monday (15), Devananda, Namal, Ranga and External Affairs Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris attended the opening of the first carpeted road in Puttur in Jaffna.
As soon as the government delegation arrived at the opening ceremony, people have flocked around Namal and Ranga and some had requested for their autographs. Devananda had literally been pushed aside by the crowds.
A shocked Minister Peiris after arriving in Colombo had informed the President of what he had witnessed in Jaffna.
Following the response by the Tamil civilians in the North, the government has decided to promote Ranga in the North.
However, the only obstacle for the government is that Ranga is yet to officially crossover to the government. Although Ranga extended his support to the 18th Amendment to the Constitution, he has not yet officially crossed over to the government.

Source: Sunday Leader 21 Nov 2010

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