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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

‘Sirasa-Shakthi Sahana Yathra’ is becoming a brand name for disaster relief services in the country – Sri Ranga MP

'MP Sri Ranga has told this in the Shakthi TV’s Good Morning Sri Lanka show on 17th January 2011'

Appreciating the good services rendered by the Maharaja Group of Companies and their distributors, during major disasters of the country MP Sri Ranga said ‘like Sirasa, Shakthi and News 1st which are sort of brand names for media services in Sri Lanka, the ‘Sirasa-Shakthi Sahana Yathra’ is also slowly becoming a brand name’.

Further, he lauded the relief services of Sirisa-Shakthi media stating ‘rather than being only a source of the entertainment and news, the media plays a very critical role of assisting the needy people’. The host of the show identified MP Sri Ranga as the iconic leader who puts in a lot of efforts in the charity works and devotes himself towards the delivery of the service, which was remarkable and recognises the long and unrelenting services of the former media personal turned politician, starting from the draught relief services in 2004 through Tsunami (2004) to the current flood relief works and various others at present.

The level of trust placed upon the media by the donors and general public in delivering the relief materials as well as the experience gained by the media committee in delivering their respective services is outstanding, MP Sri Ranga and the host of the program commented.

MP Sri Ranga went on to say, the Maharaja group have created a culture of helping with generosity, by initially donating relief materials on their own prior to requesting the other donors to help. The approach was same with the 2004 Tsunami relief efforts, he continued. Not only the Maharaja Group, but also their distributors heavily involved in providing other assistance, such as transportation and delivery of the materials to the people sometimes living in remote areas, in harsh weather conditions and via damaged roads infrastructure.

While appreciating the concerns expressed by the world leaders on the consequences of the flood, he requested their helps in terms of financial and relief materials to meet the huge requirements of re-building which is impossible for the Sri Lankan Government to meet on its own at this juncture.

He also highlighted that the relevant Authorities have to gear up themselves to play their respective roles effectively, so that the poor and needy people are not let down by their peers and the system.

He appealed to the corporate bodies and the business community to take the lead and demonstrate their generosity at this crucial stage helping these helpless victims. The people living in Colombo and adjacent areas can make use of the Sirasa-Shakthi Sahana Yathra collection centers to donate relief items and food convoys making their way to the affected areas.

The Sirasa-Shakthi Sahana Yathra collection centers are located at 330, T. B. Jaya Mawatha in Colombo 10 and Ramakrishna Hall in Wellawatte (Tel 0115620013 or 0115620014). Many people are gathering at the collection centers in a bid to help their brethren in distress and donated items such as dry rations, bottled drinking water, torches, batteries, tooth paste, tooth brushes, soap and sanitary items.


Ø  Sirasa-Shakthi Sahana Yathra food conveys have reached our affected brothers and sisters in the Eastern Districts on 19th Jan 11 night after starting from Colombo in the morning. Irrespective of the weather or time of the day, it was learned that the affected people were waiting until 11pm in some areas expecting the conveys. The distribution commenced on 20th Jan morning and continued till 21st Jan 11 under the patronage of MP Sri Ranga. The relief materials were distributed amongst all communities (Tamils and Muslims) depending on their needs without any differences and sometimes via Government channels to ensure proper distribution.

Ø  MP Sri Ranga accompanied these conveys and collected donations along the way in various areas including Kurunagala, Dambulla and Polonaruwa to be donated to the most affected people in the Batticaloa and Ampara districts.

Ø  Some people who received the aids said that was the first time they have received aids after the recent floods. The principal of the Ganasha Vidyalayam Mr Sandiralingam said ' the relief materials have been treated like medicines by the people' because of their importance at this stage and thanked Sri Ranga MP on behalf of the villagers and the school for taking the bold steps in this regard. The principal also appreciated the initiatives taken  by Sri Ranga MP to uplift standard of educations in the areas including Nuwara Eliya district. MP Sri Ranga also held a special discussions with the teachers and administrators of the school regarding the current situations and educational needs while donating a much needed water tank for the school.

Ø  According to the Disaster Management Ministry, all around Sri Lanka over 31,000 houses have been damaged and will be re-built with the Government assistance and over 400,000 acres of paddy land inundated.

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