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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Tamils should nominate educated and talented representatives to the parliament

MP Sri Ranga was the chief guest at a seminar organised by ‘Shakthi’ for those received university scholarships recently held at the Jaffna Central College. He emphasised that the Tamil people currently should nominate educated and talented persons as their representatives to the Parliament. In the recent past, we all know that Tamils could not accomplish this important task due to various reasons including the war.

Most of the Sri Lankan Tamil speaking people have given priority to the education of their children. There is no doubt that Northen schools and universities have excelled and still excel in education despite the problems created by the war. We should continue to focus on the educational developments in the current era, if we are to prosper in our lives.

Knowledge you gained does not diminish rather it grows when you give it to others and the education is the greatest wealth that you can give it to your children, he continued. 23 July 2010

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