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Friday, 4 February 2011

Shocking 2010 statistics related to Jaffna youth provided by Mrs Imelda Sugumar GA of Jaffna – 54 sexual abuses on young girls

Other statistics about youth in Jaffna are:

· 247 underage (below 18 years) pregnancies

· 14 living-together without marriage

· 13 suicide attempts

· 1 committed suicide

· 959 children living without parents due to war

· 03 abducted or disappeared

· 264 diagnosed as mentally affected

· 288 being abandoned by parents, of which 277 needs urgent helps

Source: Uthayan 04 Feb 2011

These statistics show that urgent actions are required from different quarters (including parents, schools, religious organisations, media and authorities) in order to change the ground situations. More disturbing are counter cultural trends in the traditional cultural homeland of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, persisting effects of war and quantum of works still required to bring back normalcy in the district.

It is to be highlighted that many Jaffna people are reported to be wealthy and having family members living overseas who can perform charitable helps to their brethren in the hour of need to bounce back. Also expertise of those living in western countries in counselling and dealing with affected children will be also useful. Over to you Diaspora Tamils.

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