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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sri Ranga being Targeted by Tamil politicians and their Propaganda machines

UNP Parliamentarian Jaya Sri Ranga, who is disgruntled over the government’s betrayal when handing over nominations for the local government elections in the Mullaitivu District, is now being targeted by pro-TNA members.

Last week, pro-TNA website Tamilwin accused Sri Ranga of being pushed into politics in the North in order to prevent the Tamil people from getting solutions to their problems.
Although the governing UPFA has also handed in nominations for the Mullaitivu District, the Tamil website has reported that it was Sri Ranga who is being backed by the government to be promoted as a Tamil political leader among the internal community to propagate the government’s policies.

In a mudsliding compaign, Sri Ranga has also been likened to former LTTE international wing leader Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP, who is also being promoted into politics in the North by the government.

An angry Sri Ranga has informed the government that he would no longer collate with the governing party in future.

See: The Sunday Leader 13 Feb 2011

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