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Friday, 4 February 2011

Tamil Prisoners Release – Only MP Sri Ranga works effectively on the issue while other Tamil Parties as usual try hard to take the credit

It makes us really laugh, when other Tamil parties are desperately trying hard to score political mileage on this matter unsuccessfully targeting the forthcoming local elections!

A good example is, when TNA meets the Government they might merely ‘touch’ on some matters including this in order to make news headlines during these desperate election times while MP Sri Ranga already spent considerable amount of time with the Government systematically to highlight, discuss and brainstorm on the subject with very visible and tangible results achieved so far. He did not go on public in this regard until now. But we are now going public, as we do not want anybody to cheat innocent Tamil public anymore and want to make a full-stop to the years of regular election time cheating by these groups.

As part of the on-going discussions with the Government in regard to the above urgent matter, our position is that the necessary arrangement should be made to expedite the release of those rehabilitated prisoners who have been languishing in the state run facilities for a considerable period. Amongst those inmates some of them have been held under ‘mere suspicion’ without any proof of supporting the LTTE. The on-going discussions will continue until all such inmates are released.

Apart from resulting physiological and financial impacts on the prisoners and their family members, the Government also spends considerable amount of money and resources to maintain these facilities. A portion of these expenditures is sufficient enough to deploy additional resources to expedite the legal procedures in order to get them released.

A valid point we always emphasise is that, if the former leading members of the LTTE organisation can change and be re-integrated with the Government and the society, then why these people held under ‘mere suspicion’ should not be released after years of detention?. We highly believe in the effectiveness of the rehabilitation system implemented at the prisons facilities including various trade trainings given to inmates and thus, it can be reasonably assumed that the long-staying inmates would have changed completely even if they would have contributed to any offence prior to their arrests.

The physiological effect of longer detention can be dangerous, especially where they have been wrongly detained and may result in undesirable consequences.

Therefore, as a good will gesture, our party ‘Citizens Front’ encouraged the Government to expedite the release of those held under suspicion, and we have no doubt that this provides an opportunity for reconciliation between different communities in the island.

He uses almost every right opportunity to interact with relevant people to reinforce on this issue and uses the parliament speeches / media statements to gain supports.

Check on: Tamillook 9 June 2010

Sri Ranga MP’s Involvement is sought to help release Tamil prisoners at the Magazine prison

Tamil prisoners who have been held under suspicion of supporting militants at the Welikada Prison (also known as the Magazine Prison) in Sri Lanka have written to MP Sri Ranga asking him to talk to the President Mahinda Rajapaksa to take action for their release.

They have indicated that they are being held for several years after detaining under the Prevention of Terrorism Act under suspicion without proper inquiries and requested him to arrange for their release at least on court bails so that they can re-join their families to have a normal life.

The letter further said, they have written to so many people in this regard with no positive results yet and as you talk fearlessly about any matters affecting people in the North & East, we finally decided to seek your help on this urgent matter. Our continuous detention, not only severely affect us, but also all our dependants and families, the heartfelt letter said.

Source: Neruppu 12 Nov 2010

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