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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The President and Minister Basil lost cool with Minister Rishard Bathiudeen at a recent UPFA party leaders’ meeting

During the meeting, the President had addressed Bathiudeen and had asked him not to violate agreements arrived at by the governing party seniors.

The President had made this comment in reference to Bathiudeen’s move to hand in nominations from the UPFA to the Mullaitivu District when the government had already reached an agreement with UNP MP Jaya Sri Ranga.

According to the agreement, the governing UPFA was not to contest the local government election in the Mullaitivu District while Ranga was to contest the election under the Citizen’s Front with government support. However, on the final day of nominations, Bathiudeen handed in nominations for the Mullaitivu District on behalf of the UPFA.

Refer The Sunday Leader 27 Feb 2011 for details.

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