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Friday, 29 April 2011

Our cricket legend Sangakkara Visits Jaffna & express his desire to see North & East players in the National Cricket team

Sangakkara’s visit to Jaffna sheds aside differences and recognises the need to pursue different avenues including sports to foster peace and unity in the country which have been realised by several leaders in different quarters at present.

The sports of cricket have a huge potential to bring together communities shedding differences and working together towards prosperity of the country.

There has been a talk of having SPL (Sri Lankan Premier League) cricket matches similar to IPL (Indian Premier League) which will provide opportunities for teams from all around the country including North & East to contest. The key outcomes of such an initiative will be to identify best players for National cricket team selection, tourism and development of the sports venues and infrastructure (stadiums, roads, airports, ports etc).

Imagine few Sri Lankans of tamils origin playing for the Sri Lankan National team and the level of support the National team will gain as a result locally and internationally, a Think Tank from Jaffna mentioned.

During the visit Sangakkara said ‘it is high time that we shed our differences and live together as a family belonging to Mother Lanka. I would be most happy to see soon cricketers from the North and East playing in the National Team and this will be a great symbol of unity in the country that could be fostered through the game of cricket. We are all ambassadors of unity and peace. I am really happy to come to Jaffna and to the St. Patrick`s College and meet the students of North’.

Both Muralli and Sangakkara are lovely people and truly our ambassadors of peace and prosperity in our country with a huge task of re-building ahead.

Lankanewspapers 15 April 2011

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