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Monday, 16 May 2011

Sri Ranga MP was the Chief Guest at Colombo University

Sri Ranga MP and speaker of the Sri Lankan parliament Honourable Chamal Rajapaksa were the Chief Guests at the university colours night held at the Colombo University on 11th May 2011.

They were accompanied by the Vice Chancellor of the University Professor S.S.M.K. Kshanika Hirimburegama and other staff members on the occasion.

It is to be noted that Sri Ranga MP was a past student of the university and excelled well in sports being the captain of the university football team. He was the leader of the university student union as well.

Currently, his special interests include encouraging students to do sports and contribute to the well-being of the student community as well as the development of the university including sports facilities.

Earlier this year he was invited by the top management of the university for a discussion on the essential needs and requirements of the university in order to address them urgently. On conclusion of the meeting, Sri Ranga MP promised the university management that these issues would be raised with the Minister of Education and other relevant officers or he would discuss the issues directly with the President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Subsequently, as promised, he has helped a lot.

During his speech at the event Ranga MP indicated that during his undergraduate period he focused not only on studies but also sports as it develops leadership and team working skills and networking with other students. He expressed his dissatisfaction regarding the current status of the sports facilities which are outdated and remain same as 10 years before. He indicated that he would take initiatives to develop sporting facilities including construction of a new pavilion.

After that the speaker Chamal Rajapaksa gave a speech where he agreed to allocate an amount of money from his funds to develop sporting facilities at the university in order to address the need expressed by Ranga MP and help the university student community.

Ranga MP’s initiatives were greatly appreciated by the subsequent speakers and student community.

It is to be noted that in 2000 Sri Ranga MP was awarded with the prestigious 'Century Award and Millennium Medal' by the university for his outstanding contributions to the country.

Though there are other parliamentarians including the opposition leader Ranil Wickramasinghe and Thayasiri Jayasekara, the university administration and student communities have decided to invite Ranga MP to be the chief guest at this function. This decision honours all Tamil speaking community.

Source : Thinakaran 15 May 2011

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