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Friday, 12 August 2011

The Government should act againt the so-called 'Grease Devils' - MP Sri Ranga

MP Sri Ranga today requested the government and its police force to investigate and take stern legal action against the so- called ‘Grease devils’ if the storey of them is true as widely speculated in the Hatton areas and also such rumour is spreading all around the country. The rumour about these men is haunting the general public, which is causing huge fear and inconvenience amongst the public in the up-countries. However, if this news is found to be ‘a hoax’, then the government should take action against those who are purposely spreading the news to cause fear amongst the public.

Hitting out at the Emergency Regulation, MP Sri Ranga also mentioned that the regulation extended recently for one month at the parliament even could not result in arresting these perpetrators, which shows that having these regulations is meaningless.

As an opposition party, Citizens Front try to bring to the attention of the Government the perceptions and need of the general people, but it is the Government that should act in order to resolve those problems.

Source: Virakesari 11 August 2011

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