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Friday, 2 September 2011

Sri Ranga MP delivers a speech at European Leadership Conference, Austria

Sri Ranga MP recently participated as a panel member at the European Leadership Conference titled “Communicating Change: Youth Perspectives on Peace” which was held between July 1th – July 3rd 2011 in Vienna, Austria at United Nations’ Vienna International Centre and NH Danube City Hotel, Vienna.

He claimed that youth was reluctant to enter the parliament and was not very interested in politics. He used to work in Journalism when it was life threatening to do so, and tried to unite both populations in Sri Lanka, for instance conducting interviews in Singhalese and sub-title them in Tamil during the war time, as dialog is essential to solve a conflict successfully. He claimed that while none of the religions advocate war and violence, political leaders do insist on difference, which is what divides populations and countries. Hon. Sri Ranga stressed mutual respect and called for leaders to be educated and to share experience among each other.

Source: ELC, Austria July 2011

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