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Sunday, 2 September 2012

I will come and knock on your door, says J. Sri Ranga

General Secretary of the Citizens' Front, Parliamentarian J. Sri Ranga says that he will create an environment where public representatives meet with their constituents even after elections.

He said this while addressing a public rally in the Nonawaththa area in Kandepola.

MP J. Sri Ranga shared these views in that rally.

'We do not go to Parliament to warm our seats. We have come here to show you that we know that if we can come here at night to canvass, we can come here at night to inquire into the shortcomings that you are facing as well. During the election period they come here day and night and beg for votes, after the election they come here once in every six years to meet the people. This only happens in Nuwara Eliya. I will change this. I will bring them to your doorstep after the election. I will come and knock on your door. They will look at what I am doing and follow suit.'


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