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Sunday, 2 September 2012

MP J. Sri Ranga on ’Ranga’s politics’ and the road to success

Reconstruction work on the main road between Blackpool Estate and Magasthota in Nuwara Eliya, commenced recently.

The reconstruction of this road commenced with financial aid being provided by MP J. Sri Ranga MP.

MP J. Sri Ranga who arrived in Magasthota was extended a warm welcome by the people of the area.

MP J. Sri Ranga also participated in a special Pooja at the Hindu temple in the area.

He shared these thoughts in this event.

’I do not think it is right to set aside a time to serve the people. It could be during the day or during the night. If we can carry out propaganda activities during the night at election time then why cant we fix rundown roads at night? Why should we contest elections? When I came here sometime back I was not allowed to go to the lower areas, due to bad road conditions. But the carpeted road that I am building here will extend to the lower area as well. You can see in some other districts roads being constructed during the election time. There is an election coming soon in Sabaragamuwa, Batticaloa, and Kalmunai, but where does Ranga build a road? That is the difference between others' and Ranga’s politics.’


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