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Saturday, 27 October 2012

MP Sri Ranga on the independence of the judiciary


Speaking during the adjournment debate in Parliament recently, General Secretary of the Citizens' Front, MP J.Sri Ranga drew attention to the challenges facing the independence of the judiciary.
''During the parliamentary elections, an individual was murdered in Jaffna after a payment was demanded. Then the judge in the area was transferred. Such incidents are common in the North and the East. How did this issue concerning the judiciary begin? If we discuss about the incident in Mannar
in this house, where stones were hurled at the Magistrate, it is wrong. Then, do you expect stones to be hurled at all the courts? All the MPs should tell the people to hurl stones. There is a law in this country''.
The MP also called for an extensive investigation into the murder of P. Razik, who worked for a Non Governmental Organization in Puttalam.
''If Minister Rauff Hakeem is to stand up and answer my question or say that what I am saying is not true, then I am prepared to stop my speech. A well-known NGO was functioning in Puttalam. One of its employees, P. Razik was abducted and murdered. It has been eight months since then, and yet no suspects have been arrested. However, Rauff Hakeem was informed about the suspects. Today he is the Minister of Justice. I request the Minister to make a statement whether any suspects were arrested, since eight months have lapsed.''

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